African Immigrants in a Town Named Guangdong

The town’s name is Guangdong, and it is known for its drove of black population and African immigrants. However, the town has also come to be identified with threats because of the prevalence of drug

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The Kizomba Dance of Angola

While Kizomba is open to the traditional and popular level, it also cuts across both the social, academic and lower class of Angolan society. The constant presence of dance in everyday life is the product

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Dambe Boxing in Northern Nigeria

Dambe fight is a boxing sport peculiar to the Hausa of Northern Nigeria, but it has migrated to every part of Nigeria where they are domiciled. It is a traditional martial art that is centuries

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George Weah: Will His Football Reign Continue in Politics?

Whoever is familiar with the name George Weah would definitely know that he is part of a glorious history of sports in Africa. Just as we had Okwaraji in Nigeria, Kazadi Mwamba from Zaire, Pat

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What Patrice Nganang’s Arrest Speaks About African Democracy

For many newly independent African countries, getting freedom from their former colonial masters was a birth unto many things, in respect to their humanity, identity and culture. The process of acculturation provoked many nationalists, among

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